Outsourcing Software Development to Latin America

If you thought filming telenovelas is the fastest-growing market in Latin America, close but think again. As of 2018, Argentinian tech startups have earned $3.67 million, followed by the Peruvian companies with $2.79 million. Brazilian and Colombian startups have earned $2.28 million and $1.19 million respectively. These figures prove that the software development industry in Latin America has considerable potential. And it’s not just local tech companies that underlie this great potential. Latin America’s geographic proximity to the US has made the region a strategic destination for software outsourcing. This is especially true for the companies on the Pacific Coast... read more →

Managing Remote Teams: Essential Tips

How do you make a remote team work for your business? Hiring a great remote team is an investment that can pay dividends for decades to come. Sourcing software engineering to external development shops and freelancers is something that 56.3% of startups are already doing. About 14.5% of companies that haven’t outsourced software development yet are planning to do it in the next 12 months. Knowing how mainstream offshore/nearshore development is today, how do you adapt it to your company? Managing remote teams isn’t inherently challenging, but it requires following a few tips and tricks. It’s these tips that we... read more →

Front-End Development Trends in 2018: PWAs, Frameworks, Hiring, and More

In 2018, front-end development is evolving faster than ever before. From Material Design to progressive web applications, to Angular 6, to React Fiber — there’s a whole lot going on in UI development. Let’s look at what's made waves in 2018. Also, let’s take a look at what’s happening in JavaScript overall. In 2018, JavaScript is Growing Strong Six years in a row, JavaScript remains the most popular technology among professional software developers. The Stack Overflow survey of 2018 proves this: 71.5% of developers know or work with JavaScript. In 2018, the popularity of JavaScript grew from 66.7 to 71.5%... read more →
Outsourcing software development in Ukraine vs Belarus

Outsourcing Software Development in Eastern Europe: Ukraine vs Belarus

What countries are the first to come to your mind when you’re thinking of outsourcing? In the 90s, India ruled supreme in both software development and IT outsourcing. Today, tech brands like Samsung, Qualcomm, Microsoft, and Oracle view Eastern Europe as the go-to destination with a top-notch talent pool. So here’s a question: which country should you choose among all European outsourcing hotspots? Ukraine, Poland, and Romania are mainstream options for software development; Bulgaria is gaining prominence too. Belarus is yet another destination that has appeared on the radar of tech brands in recent years. Knowing that our biggest development... read more →
Software outsourcing to Ukraine vs Bulgaria

Outsourcing Software Development in Ukraine vs Bulgaria

What do Oracle, HP, IBM have in common? Aside from being tech giants worth billions of dollars, they all consider Ukraine and Bulgaria to be excellent providers of top software development services. Both countries are attractive destinations among European countries, and not only due to their numerous software development professionals and competitive rates. Let’s give them a closer look. Tech Education in Ukraine and Bulgaria Ukraine Software developer salaries are far higher than average in Ukraine, which makes the profession one of the most lucrative and sought-after among the younger generation. This leads to competition where developers with higher level... read more →