Hiring remote developers in 2017: freelancers vs outsourcing companies

Freelancing Platforms Versus Outsourcing Companies — Where to Hire Remote Developers in 2017?

I wonder what do software engineers from Silicon Valley feel when they hear that Google and NASA hire remote developers from Eastern Europe. Should they start getting worried? Probably not — but news of this kind are still indicative of the state of the industry of software development outsourcing. And these news prove that 2016 was a great year for both software engineers looking for remote employment opportunities and companies willing to hire them. In the summer of 2016, both LinkedIn and Atlassian’s Jira launched tools that allow companies to search for ‘working nomads’ among the platforms’ users. In the... read more →

The best geography for software development outsourcing

As the demand for custom software solutions grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to build and maintain in-house teams of skilled software developers. That’s why the practice of software development outsourcing is growing more common — even for companies whose business revolves around programming. What’s more, the diverse tasks and nontrivial challenges of project-based work encourage many talented programmers to choose dedicated remote teams over in-house employment. As a consequence, outsourcing is often the only real option for a company willing to hire high-end software developers. Besides human resource management issues, outsourcing dedicated teams is a viable option for decreasing the... read more →

How to make sure that you are going to hire a good software development team

Even if you have zero experience with software development outsourcing, being able to distinguish between teams of professionals and ephemeral firms is a matter of common sense. Still, with so many outsourcing companies on the market, choosing a good one is a lot like playing the lottery — or Russian roulette if we're talking about startups. In this post, we want to share some observations to help you nail the job of selecting the right technical contractor. It would be great if you do some “homework” before starting the casting of software development teams. Analyze your project to figure out... read more →
dedicated developers alternative to freelancers

Are dedicated software developers a better alternative to freelancers?

… and with whom to contract to get things done? Frankly speaking, our company never brings in freelance software developers, because in our line of work, this is considered to be a colossally bad practice.. With that said, this doesn’t mean that hiring a freelance software developer isn’t an option. The decision whether to hire dedicated team of software developers or a freelance programmer should not depend on some abstract list of pros and cons. Rather, it should be directly tied to the key parameters of your project: The role of the software product in your business. Is it central... read more →