Software development office versus nearshore Agile teams in Ukraine

Opening a Development Center in Ukraine Versus Hiring a Nearshore Dedicated Team

Ukraine is a terrific destination for both setting up your dev center and hiring remote Agile teams. There are over 90,000 developers, more than 1,000 software development companies, and over 100 R&D centers located in Ukraine. The main challenge is in choosing the right option that will work best for your company. In this article, we compare software development centers and dedicated teams in order to determine the benefits and pitfalls of each option. Opening your Own Dev Center More and more multinational companies are opening their offices in Ukraine. This process is pretty complicated. You should take into account... read more →
Examples of Companies Outsourcing Software Development to Ukraine

Examples of Companies Outsourcing Software Development to Ukraine

Slack, Alibaba, WhatsApp — all of these brands built their core products with the help of outsourcing companies. Outsourcing has long become integral to commercial software development, with tech giants hiring contractors from South America, Asia, and Eastern Europe. Strangely enough, overseas software providers often market themselves as “IT outsourcing” companies. This is especially relevant for Eastern Europe and, in particular, Ukraine where “IT” is basically a synonym for “software development”. Linguistic intricacies aside, Ukraine is actually turning into a first-class software outsourcing destination for western brands. Numerous tech brands have already tapped into the country’s talent pool of more... read more →
interview questions for reactjs developers

Searching for the best remote ReactJS developers? Here are the essential ReactJS interview questions

What questions do you typically ask when interviewing remote React developers? To make things simpler, we’ve come up with a short list of ReactJS interview questions that cover some of the essential aspects of the technology. In this selection of interview questions, we’ll focus on Flux, React components, states, props, events, and other basics. What is Flux and what are the key Flux components in ReactJS? Even though Flux isn’t inherent to React development, it has long become a must-have for 99% of React projects. Questions about Flux demonstrate how solid your candidate’s understanding of React applications architecture is. So... read more →
Offshoring vs outsourcing: an illustration with a map and a figurine of a man standing on top of it

Offshoring vs outsourcing: key differences, pros and cons, and other essentials

Offshoring vs outsourcing is a dilemma that emerges before many companies that seek to optimize their development. Ironically, people often confuse these two terms, more so when it comes to software outsourcing and offshoring. For the sake of clarity, let’s take a closer look at the two models. In this post, we will explore the key differences between offshoring and outsourcing. We will also cover a couple closely related terms like nearshoring and dedicated teams. Without further ado, read on. Offshoring your services and production — what is it all about? In a broad sense, offshoring essentially boils down to... read more →