12 reasons to outsource to Ukraine

Software outsourcing: 12 reasons to hire software development companies in Ukraine

Ever considered outsourcing your production or R&D to software development companies in Ukraine? In case you’re choosing between several destinations, this article will provide you with the key arguments for outsourcing to Ukraine. There’s a lot to cover so buckle up and read on:) Overview: outsourcing software development to Ukraine Ukraine emerged as an offshore software development destination in the early 2000s. By 2015, the size of its software outsourcing market has grown to become the 3rd biggest sector in the country’s economy. Thanks to the rapid growth of its software outsourcing market, Ukraine has achieved the status of the... read more →
interview questions for reactjs developers

Searching for the best remote ReactJS developers? Here are the essential ReactJS interview questions

What questions do you typically ask when interviewing remote React developers? To make things simpler, we’ve come up with a short list of ReactJS interview questions that cover some of the essential aspects of the technology. In this selection of interview questions, we’ll focus on Flux, React components, states, props, events, and other basics. What is Flux and what are the key Flux components in ReactJS? Even though Flux isn’t inherent to React development, it has long become a must-have for 99% of React projects. Questions about Flux demonstrate how solid your candidate’s understanding of React applications architecture is. So... read more →
Offshoring vs outsourcing: an illustration with a map and a figurine of a man standing on top of it

Offshoring vs outsourcing: key differences, pros and cons, and other essentials

Offshoring vs outsourcing is a dilemma that emerges before many companies that seek to optimize their development. Ironically, people often confuse these two terms, more so when it comes to software outsourcing and offshoring. For the sake of clarity, let’s take a closer look at the two models. In this post, we will explore the key differences between offshoring and outsourcing. We will also cover a couple closely related terms like nearshoring and dedicated teams. Without further ado, read on. Offshoring your services and production — what is it all about? In a broad sense, offshoring essentially boils down to... read more →
Where to find Node.js developers

Where to find Node.js developers? Let’s compare your options

Having trouble finding Node.js developers locally? In our experience, shopping for local talent is the first option that 90% of startups and product teams choose. Sadly, doing so is the single biggest reason why companies spend months searching for a decent Node.js expert whom they can afford. So what can you do about it? How to find a Node developer in weeks, not months? Well, hiring remote talent will definitely help. Being a nearshore development company that specializes in Node.js, we’d love to suggest going straight away to us... But let’s make this post more valuable than that. If you’re... read more →
5 interview questions for remote Node.js developers

5 interview questions for remote Node.js developers

Okay, so why are we talking about remote Node.js developers specifically? When hiring a Node.js developer from a freelancing platform, you rarely get an idea of how well-vetted they are. As a consequence, you need to check if they’re comfortable with the fundamental aspects of the technology. So what questions do you ask when interviewing remote Node.js developers for hire? Is there a question matrix or a list of some sort that you use? Imho, the most annoying thing about making lists of interview questions is that you always feel like you’ve left out an important point. To get rid... read more →