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We don’t just build web apps — we architect blazing-fast web applications with robust backend. Our full-stack programmers take pride in delivering elegant solutions written in clean code. “Quality first” is our motto and the principle we follow always, without any exceptions.

Over the past years, our dedicated teams of full-stack web developers have contributed to the growth of MIT-based startups and world-famous brands. The web-development tech stacks we focus on revolve around Node.js, Ruby, Python, and PHP, and we hire top-5% talent specializing in these languages.

Hire full-stack web developers well-versed in Node.js, Ruby, Python and PHP

Seasoned Node.js developers

Our Node.js developers have accumulated unmatched expertise in their field, and they will use this experience to drive your project to new heights.
We’ve crafted software with Express.js, MongoBD, and Socket.io, with Angular and React for the UI. Our Node.js portfolio covers scalable solutions for fintech platforms, data management systems, and even hardware products. We’ve worked with global-scale content publishers, transportation networks, and product subscription companies.

Skillful Ruby programmers at your service

In the past 10 years, the Ruby programmers from DedicatedTeams have joined 23+ projects. Our Ruby developers have worked with Rails, Sidekiq and Redis, contributed to the Open Source, and created software used by 150+ million people.
The Ruby solutions we’ve architected drive cybersecurity systems, image processing services, and A/B testing tools. Our clients include top-class trading providers, business intelligence platforms, and content publishers with multi-million audiences.

Python programmers for hire

If you’re looking for a tried-and-true backend technology with rich library support, Python is a great choice. Our 5+ years of experience with Python tell us this language is well-suited for a wide array of applications.
We’ve established dedicated teams of Python developers for 15 projects that involved in-depth knowledge of Django, Flask, Pylons, and TurboGears. The range of applications we’ve worked with includes CyaaS platforms, e-commerce solutions and product delivery networks.

Teams of well-versed PHP developers

In a sense, PHP became one of the founding pillars of Web 2.0 — and the language still powers a good third of the world’s websites. Our experience in PHP incompasses 9+ years, 30+ projects, and millions of lines of code.
Oup PHP developers used their skills to create high-caliber security software, subscription-billing services, and Uber-like platforms. When it comes to PHP development, our dedicated teams are well-versed in Laravel, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

Why DedicatedTeams?

Thanks to the decade-long background in software development outsourcing, we’re familiar with literally every exiting model of cooperation. And our experience has proven that great software is built by fully-engaged teams, not part-time workers. That’s why we make a point of fostering ownership mentality and 100% engagement:

  • Each of our developers works on one project, full-time.
  • Developers working as a team will share the same office and will communicate personally, on a daily basis.
  • We encourage cross-reviews among the members of the same project teams.
  • We maintain low attrition rates by investing into professional education, motivation, and well-being of our programmers.
  • We make sure that our full-stack web developers are top talent in their niche, and that they are 100% comparable to your in-house programmers in terms of performance.

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