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Looking for a team of UI developers able to craft UIs that look magnificent on all devices and browsers? “Cross-browser” and “pixel perfect” are parts of the daily mantra of our UI gurus.

Our UI developers have years of experience building clean, smooth-looking interfaces for web applications and websites. Tens of millions of people are already using the UIs we’ve built — and we have a strong intention to increase their number.

Hire rockstar UI developers well-versed in ReactJS, AngularJS, and pure JavaScript


ReactJS is, beyond doubt, the hottest JavaScript library of 2017. The technology uses the concept of shadow DOM to optimize rendering and bring amazing performance to rich UIs. Together with Flux and Redux, ReactJS enables you to deliver immersive user experiences across your web properties.

If you’re searching for professional ReactJS developers, you’re in the right place. The portfolio of our ReactJS developers includes projects from top-tier news publishers and business analytics providers.


Since its 2010, AngularJS has been occupying the leading positions in every top chart of JavaScript-based UI frameworks. Unlike React, AngularJS provides developers with an ability to work with every component of the MVC model, as well as the benefits of two-way data binding. Just like React, Angular is well-suited for single-page application that offer rich user experiences and interaction.

Our AngularJS developers have amassed an impressive expertise in the technology. The range of the AngularJS project we’ve worked with includes real-time analytics platforms, logistics tracking systems, and tools for network operators.

Pure JavaScript / HTML5 / CSS3

While we believe that JavaScript frameworks are awesome, sometimes you need something truly custom. If that’s your case, nothing beats the flexibility of the pure JS.
Each and every of our UI developers has in-depth knowledge of the vanilla JavaScript / HTML / CSS stack. In the past decade, we’ve used JavaScript for websites and web apps, as well as hybrid applications that run on iOS and Windows. Our JavaScript developers have built content delivery and data visualisation tools, CRMs, dashboards and many more.

Why DedicatedTeams?

Here are several reasons why the dedicated teams model beats any other form of cooperation between a product company and a dev shop:

  • Your project is the only project that our UI developers will be working on.
  • The UI developers working on your product will share the same office and interact face to face on a daily basis.
  • Teams working on the same projects practice regular code-reviews and share their experience during tech meetups.
  • When hiring our developers, we place a particular focus on communication and time-management skills.
  • We foster professional growth and ownership mentality by investing into our developer’s education, motivation, and well-being.
  • Our dev shops are conveniently located in nearshore time zones in Argentina and Ukraine.

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