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Dozens of western companies hire software developers from Ukraine, and for a good reason — Ukrainian developers demonstrate amazing skills. After trying to outsource software developers in other countries (for instance, Southeast Asia or Africa), tech companies are happy with Ukrainian programmers, architects and managers.

The best things about hiring developers from Ukraine are:

  • Western mindset
  • Solid education in the field of math and computer science
  • Goal-driven mindset, diligence, and great attention to detail
  • Fluent English


Our main nearshore software development center is in Kharkiv, with more than 100 highly skilled programmers working there full time. Our Kharkiv team also includes 20+ skillful managers with extensive expertise in Agile and Scrum. So why Kharkiv? Because this city is thriving, and over 18% of Ukrainian top-talent programmers reside here.



In 2015, we have established several teams of Kyiv-based developers, which lead to the creation of a new dev lab located in Ukraine’s capital. As of today, Kiev is a major talent hub that holds 50% of the country’s most skillful developers. The city is also an undisputed leader in terms of the number of providers of software development outsourcing services.



The “Southern capital” of Ukraine is a place where many locals want to live — this is especially true for Ukraine’s software developers. Odessa occupies the 5th position in the chart of Ukraine’s top-ranking destinations for software development outsourcing. Our nearshore development lab in Odessa hosts over 50 highly skilled and talented developers.


Argentina is just one hour away from the US — that’s what you call nearshore!
Buenos Aires has no time difference with Eastern and Central USA. Thanks to the location in a friendly time zone, your team of remote software developers will feel like they’re working uptown.
Having this advantage in mind, modern-day Argentina fosters highly skilled software developers along with C-level executives and managers.


Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is one of the world’s most creative, innovative and entrepreneurial cities. Well-known for its talent, it is very appealing to the eye of international tech companies willing to outsource their software development. We’ve opened our nearshore office in Buenos Aires in February 2016, and since then, we’re building dedicated teams of great Java, Node, and Ruby programmers for our clients there.

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