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Our key competencies: Java, Scala, Go, and .NET

Full-time engagement, impeccable communication skills, years of successful experience in the development of enterprise software solutions. Our dedicated teams of expert software engineers are looking forward to new challenges.
Java development veterans
Founded by Java developers, our company has historically viewed this programming language as one of its key competencies. We’ve been working with Java since before J2SE 5.0, and we’ve even launched two Java-based enterprise applications of our own. Our teams are 100% comfortable with Play, HIBERNATE, Jenkins, Spring, Spring Boot, JSP, AspectJ, EclipseLink, ActiveMQ, and other exciting tech. During the past 10 years, we’ve custom-built Java applications from the ground up and helped companies with software maintenance, migration and re-engineering.
Top-tier Scala developers
There’s a lot to like about Scala. Its functional nature and superb type inference are just the tip of the iceberg, but you instantly fall in love with things of this sort. So if you love Scala as much as we do, we sure have something to offer. We’ve established dedicated teams of Scala programmers for projects that revolved around Lift and Play. Our Scala developers have worked on mixed Java/Scala projects, as well as applications that were 100% based on Scala.
Enterprise development with .NET
Planning to create a Windows-friendly enterprise software solution for desktop or mobile? Or maybe, a feature-rich web application is what you have in mind? Whichever the case, our C# programmers are ready to take on your projects. Our dev teams are well-versed in .NET, .NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, Azure, and NHibernate. As far as C# projects go, we’ve contributed to the creation of feature-rich CRMs and built solutions for E-learning, as well as large web portals.
Go with GoLang
GoLang is an excellent choice of a backend language if you’re looking for a reliable, future-proof technology for resource-intensive applications. Built-in testing functionality, unrivaled efficiency, and great support of multicore computing are just a few reasons why companies like Netflix and Medium chose Go. Whether you’re migrating to Go or planning to use this language for a new project, DedicatedTeams is a great place to hire Go developers.

Why DedicatedTeams?

Here are several reasons why we’re better than regular outsourcing companies:

  • Developers are 100% dedicated to your team.
  • Our enterprise developers are top-5% talent in their niche.
  • We haven’t lost a single client in 10 years.
  • We’re headquartered in DC, with nearshore dev centers in Ukraine and Argentina.
  • We foster ownership mentality — our enterprise programmers are involved into your project full-time.

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