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Screenster and AjaxSwing — our very own software products

As a software development company, we have a couple software solutions of our own. The first one is Screenster, a codeless cloud-based platform for UI regression testing. Screenster makes UI testing simple enough for a non-technical user, and it offers 10 times the ROI of a traditional QA automation framework.

Thanks to our other product AjaxSwing, companies get an alternative to the development of a standalone web apps for their desktop applications. AjaxSwing is a web deployment platform that automatically converts Java Swing apps to web applications.

Screenster and AjaxSwing are exceptional software products that leverage our technical expertise and meet the needs of software developers from different industries.



Screenster is a web-based visual regression testing tool that combines screenshot images with DOM and CSS verifications. Does not require coding.

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AjaxSwing is a web deployment platform for Java Swing applications. It allows companies that built Java desktop applications to run them as web applications.

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