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Create mobile applications with an amazing look and feel and engage your audience with great user experience. Our dedicated teams of mobile developers will help you do just that — by building sleek mobile apps for iOS and Android. We have years of experience architecting true native and hybrid apps, and we’ve already contributed to quite a few cross-platform projects based on React Native.

With Dedicated Teams, you can access top-3% talent and hire the best mobile developers from Ukraine and Argentina. Our programmers have great communication skills, and they are inspired by challenging tasks. Some of the world’s largest brands have already experienced the advantages of working with our mobile developers.

Find the most experienced mobile app developers ready to fulfill your project

Native iOS development

Our iOS developers have broad experience in a variety of industries and app types. The app development services we provide enable companies to reach their business goals.

Having experience both in Objective C and Swift, we are ready to make ideas come true for the whole range of Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Some of the world-known startups began their journey with us, and our 100% retention rate speaks for itself.

Native Android development

Thanks to our experienced across a wide range of mobile and wearable technologies, we know how to build software solutions that impress. Our Android apps sport smooth UIs that look and feel awesome on any screen size and resolution, be it a Google Pixel or a Galaxy Note.

Whether you are creating a chat app, smart home hub or an e-commerce solution, we can ensure excellent Android app development service. We will build a team of developers who are 100% dedicated to your project’s success and ready to craft remarkable in-app experiences.

React Native development

Choose cross-platform mobile development with React Native over building a ‘true native’ iOS and Android app — and enjoy the benefits. With React Native, you can have up to 80% of code shared between the two platforms (iOS and Android), which contributes to higher development speed, faster time to market, and the reduced production-related expenses.

React Native is new, but it has already amassed a thriving community of highly-qualified developers. And judging by SoundCloud, Discovery, and Bloomberg, it’s already popular among top-tier brands.

Why DedicatedTeams?

Because this model ensures 100% developer engagement — it’s that simple. Your team of mobile developers will work exclusively on your project, which leads to higher motivation. In our model, remote programmers are comparable to your in-house staff in terms of ownership mentality, not just technical skills.

Aside from this, there are other reasons to choose Dedicated Teams over traditional outsourcing:

  • Our developers work from a friendly time zone that leaves plenty of opportunities for standups, Skype meetings, and code reviews.
  • Cross reviews are a regular practice for developers working on the same project.
  • Our mobile developers are sourced from Ukraine’s and Argentina’s top-3% talent.
  • Our selection process doesn’t stop on technical skills — we also verify our candidate’s English, overall communication skills, and personal characteristics.
  • We invest into our developers motivation, professional growth, and well-being to keep our attrition rates low and attract top-tier developer to work with us.

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