5 common mistakes when hiring Node.js developers

5 common mistakes when hiring Node.js developers

Want to hire Node.js developers for your project? In the past year, we’ve built several remote teams of Node.js engineers for both startups and multimillion brands. And we’ve noticed that most companies repeated the same mistakes when searching for candidates. In this post, I’ll cover five common errors that people make when selecting and recruiting Node.js developers. Avoid the mistakes listed below, and you’ll find the right candidates faster. 1. Ignoring specialists with less than 3 years of experience in Node.js Sure thing, everyone wants to hire senior Node.js developers with 5+ years of expertise in the technology. Actually, 3+... read more →
What skill set should you target when hiring a Node.js developer in 2017?

What skill set should you target when hiring a Node.js developer in 2017?

When hiring Node developers, far too many product companies target a narrow skill set that directly corresponds to their project. But is this a wise approach? Well, it sure makes things easier for your candidates... The dev crew at DedicatedTeams has several Node.js professionals onboard. They’ve gone through dozens of Node.js interviews — both as candidates and as interviewers — and they have a ton of experience to share. For this post, I’ve asked our Node guys to provide me with a comprehensive list of skills they look at when interviewing Node.js developers for hire. For the sake of clarity,... read more →
Planning to hire React JS developers (React JS logo)

Want to hire React JS Developers? Here’s what you need to know

Working on a project that requires hiring React JS developers? If that’s the case, there’s probably a whole bunch of questions that you’re asking yourself right now. Where do you find good React JS developers for hire? What skills are must-have and which ones fall into the “will be a plus” category? What is the experience of other companies working with React JS? Won’t it be neat if you could have all of these questions answered in one place? In this post, we’ll try to do exactly that. So buckle up and read on. Where to hire React JS developers... read more →
NASA uses Node JS for its space-suits

Planning to hire Node JS developers? Here are 3 cases to help you decide

Is the mere fact that NASA uses Node for its space-suits a good reason to consider hiring Node JS developers for your own project?👩‍🚀 @BenjaminCoe You heard correctly, and yes we do. — Collin Estes (@CollinEstes) 3 июня 2016 г. Okay I have to admit it, whenever I hear that NASA adopts a programming technology, it automatically makes me believe the said technology is super-awesome. Still, there’s a lot more to Node JS than just that. Over the past seven years since its launch in 2009, Node has grown into mature ecosystem with a massive following. Namely, the Node JS... read more →
Hiring remote developers in 2017: freelancers vs outsourcing companies

Freelancing Platforms Versus Outsourcing Companies — Where to Hire Remote Developers in 2017?

I wonder what do software engineers from Silicon Valley feel when they hear that Google and NASA hire remote developers from Eastern Europe. Should they start getting worried? Probably not — but news of this kind are still indicative of the state of the industry of software development outsourcing. And these news prove that 2016 was a great year for both software engineers looking for remote employment opportunities and companies willing to hire them. In the summer of 2016, both LinkedIn and Atlassian’s Jira launched tools that allow companies to search for ‘working nomads’ among the platforms’ users. In the... read more →